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Fulcrum and Camclamp Models


Fulcrum and Camclamp Models #4 (RH or LH) NEW and IMPROVED

Limited access mechanical clamp for "Dog Houses".

$59.00 (Each)




Nylon Tooling ball Covers, Twist Off & HAMMER PROOF ($1.40 each in quantity of 100)

$1.75 (Each)

Indicator Sleve KLC Companies LLC - Michigan


Indicator Sleeve – Hardened Steel:  .0003 Tolerance

$40.00 (Each)

Ball Feeler Gauges - KLC Companies Michigan


Ball Feeler Gauges: Hardened steel balls 2.00mm to 10.0mm - Grade 25 Rockwell 62 - Available straight or bent.

$75.00 Straight (Each)

$85.00 Bent (Each)



Clips on Gauging Unit: Sheet metal replication with release mechanism. FOR SPACE LIMITED APPLICATIONS.

$125.00 (Each)



Steel 31 mm Set Block Hardened & Ground .0003 Tol.

$56.00 (Each)

T.A.T.T. Truly Accurate Teeter Totter


NEW T.A.T.T. Truly Accurate Teeter Totter  - A new kind of S.P.C. trigger eliminates the inaccuracy of traditional style using SINE technology.

$200.00 (Each)

KLC Companies LLC - Michigan


Indicator Box with convoluted poly foam 4''x6''x2.5'' - Small Box

$12.00 (Each)

KLC Companies LLC - Michigan


Indicator Box with convoluted poly foam 4''x8''x4.5'' - Large Box

$20.25 (Each)



(1.) Single Opening Jaw Block:

$140.00 Each

(2.) Clamp Activated (602 style clamp not supplied):

$155.00 Each



Remote Activation Cable with Stop "Strengthened"

$17.00 (Each)

Remote Cable Pull Actuator - KLC Companies LLC - Michigan


Remote Cable Pull Unit (Actuator) (602 style clamp not supplied)

$185.00 (Each)

Dual Opening Jaw Block - KLC Companies LLC - Michigan


NEW  The dual opening Jaw Block with central pivot will not invade part space to open or close. It has three methods for activation. Data available upon request - call us.

$220.00 (Each)

Linear Activator - KLC Companies LLC - Michigan


NEW  LINEAR ACTIVATOR - Saves space and time for linear activation of "Jaw Blocks", or anything using inline motion. (Eliminates Clamps)

$30.00 (Each)

***Pricing is for payments made on purchases paid in less than 60 days***